The gEDA Project Code of Conduct v1.0

This document offers some guidance to ensure the gEDA (GPL Electronic Design Automation) Project participants can cooperate effectively in a positive and inspiring atmosphere, and to explain how together we can strengthen and support each other.

This Code of Conduct is shared by all contributors and users who engage with the gEDA team and its community services.

This Code of Conduct reflects the agreed standards of behavior for members of the gEDA community, in any forum, mailing list, wiki, web site, IRC channel, public meeting or private correspondence within the context of the gEDA team and its services. The community acts according to the standards written down in this Code of Conduct and will defend these standards for the benefit of the community. Leaders of any group, such as moderators of mailing lists, IRC channels, forums, etc., will exercise the right to suspend access to any person who persistently breaks our shared Code of Conduct.

Be respectful and considerate

Be patient, generous, and humble

Assume people mean well

Try to be concise

Always communicate professionally

This document (gEDA Code of Conduct) is derived heavily from the GNOME and KDE Code of Conduct documents. Many thanks to these organizations for their generosity.

This document is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution - Share Alike 3.0 License.